Sick- Off to school

Thursday, 21 June 2012 00:29

Yeaah, im sick again and off to school today   

My reason of sick ? Hmmm, I think is yesterday stand too longger under sunlight at school curiculum, and didn't drink too much water

I will be blame if he know that i didn't drink enough water and made me sick, HAHA :P

After back from school yesterday, I already feel headache and not well  

Direct run to bathroom and bath cold water. Ggrrhhhh! COLD enough :O

Then laying bed until night, can feel that my body temperature starting become heat 

I push myself to wake from bed and walk through kitchen took some panadol to eat and back again to bed

Oh damn, it feel so much suck, feel want to cry that time  :hug:

I have been lucky to have him, he’s like an angel cheer me all that night and let's me sleep in sweet.

Thanks you baby  :heart:

Here we’re, with my little cummy brother ;3

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