And she's scared because suddenly, it's clear how much he really means to her.

Friday, 20 September 2013 09:03

I'm single now.
Great, i have my own life, my own time, my own freedom.
But what does it really mean to life? 
Living without you? It's like an invisible glass.

Swear to god i miss you like hell. 
And you started a new life without me, leaving me far behind.
Whoever she is, wish you the best of luck and true happiness.
But wait, 
what yours is yours, what not yours is never gonna be yours no matter what you do to have it.
You're freakin mine.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get you back to me.

If i really get you back, it's not gonna be 100% of your heart, right?
Oh hell, i'm just out of my mind.
You don't love me anymore, i'm nothing to you now.
Guess i'll gonna be walking alone through though pathways, 
facing difficulties alone and watching your happy-sweet-loving relationship with other girl, 
stalking your facebook and wechat, 
hurting myself just to see how happy is your life without me and pictures that i suppose to be in.

Last wishes, stay happy, stay healthy, stay fit, stay sweet. 
You know i'll always be waiting for you, be there for you. 
I will always love you. H.

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